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Classic (Traditional) SBT-
and Experimental toyger lines.

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Classic SBT- and Experimental toyger lines

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Original toygers from official breeding program do have TICA registration.

All cats registered in TICA have registration number and code, which include letters or combination of letters and numbers.
The meaning of codes explained in TICA Registration Rules & Related Standing Rules and TICA Regiatration Status Codes.

36.8.1 Stud Book Codes: SB - The cat has no cats which are unknown, unregistered, or of another breed or breed group within a standard three generation pedigree.

36.8.2 Codes: The following codes apply to the third position of the pedigree status code: T - (Traditional) - Only the breed in question within a three-generation pedigree. N - (Non-Permissible) - Crosses outside the breed or breed group which are not among those which are specifically allowed by the breeding program which has been established for the breed.

36.8.4 Hybridization Record Codes: AO - The cat is the product of two cats of different breeds. BO - The cat has at least one grandparent of a different
breed. CO - The cat has at least one great grandparent of a different breed.

Traditional (Classic) lines.
SBT- This is pure-bred toygers with no outcrossed in 3-generation pedigree. They are stud cats. They may be shown in Championship Class.

Experimental lines.
AON- outcross in the first generation, cat's father and/or mother are from different breeds.
BON- outcross in the second generation, cat's grandfather(s) and/or grandmother(s) are from different breeds.
CON- outcross in the third generation, cat's grandgrandfather(s) and/or grandgrandmother(s) are from different breeds.
Mating CON-toyger and SBT-toyger gives purebred kittens with SBT-pedigree codes.

It is forbidden to show experimental cat in Championship Class. Thay may be shown only in HHP class.

Please, pay attention that outcrosses of toygers with other breeds are forbidden!

All experimental lines should be obligatory approved by breeder originator Judy Sugden or her Designee and really bring to the breed needed progressive traits. Each new experimental line starts from the very carefull estimation of candidate cat on many parameters. Temperament and health is of high importance!

To our regret some illegal matings of toygers with other breeds were done in different countries. Please be attentive while choosing the kitten and become well acquainted with pedigree and codes to be sure that you buy exactly what you want. To avoid troubles we recommend to buy kittens only in Official Catteries.

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